Blair Madigan is a visual storyteller specializing in an extensive range of film and TV production. This includes documentaries, commercials, TV, music video, narrative films and corporate videos. 

His love for capturing still images began at a young age which quickly transformed into capturing moving images.  His purpose for being a cinematographer is to share visuals that bring people entertainment; but also to enlighten people on different cultures, lifestyles and locations. Blair is passionate about sharing engaging visuals that excite people about experiencing life and the many places the world has to offer

Since graduating with honors from Brooks Institute, he has traveled to 12 countries and 45 states to create compositions of movement and light that express profound stories. 

With work featured in the Santa Barbara Film Festival and numerous creations as a Director of Media for the online magazine White Canvas, Blair is a natural when it comes to the amalgamation of art and motion. 


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Commercial Clients:

Electronic Arts, Pepsi, BMW, Subaru, Target, Google, MSI, Monster Energy, Rockstar Energy, Six Flags and ViaSat

Television Network Clients:

NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, CNBC, Discovery, History, NatGeo, Redbull TV, MTV, VH1, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, YouTube, Ovation and Yahoo,